10 comments on “Boomers

  1. Interesting point well put…that the worthwhile academic youth of old Blighty are behind the Leader of the Opposition here (Jeremy Corbyn) in droves and notwithstanding his age (66) affords this old lefty a measure of hope…sadly the academic youth do not hold sway over the frankly thick as two short planks…fine words on your part regardless!

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  2. I too am part of this generation born near the end of WWII. Like my father who flew for the Luftwaffe in the First World War I was not inclined to talk much about being in Japan when Hiroshima happened. Like the Germans of our generation we have not wanted to talk about our times for so long that it may not be surprising that the newer generations consider us irrelevant. We rage against the times but have not learned how to articulate our ‘wisdom’ . . .

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  3. Love the last two stanzas. In the past week, you’re the third senior I’m hearing saying, “We have lots of wisdom to give, but who wants to hear?” Anyway, there’s enough wisdom you’re imparting through your verse. 🙂

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