4 comments on “Disarticulate History

  1. Once, when we were little kids, my friend with the giant sandbox and I got a hold on some firecrackers. A little too devious for our own good, we built hills valleys in the 14 X 14 theater, dug foxholes, set skirmish lines for our plastic soldiers (some the typical green, the others a sort of tan), then divvied up the fireworks and went to war taking turns lighting them and tossing them at each others lines. The plastic armies were decimated–soldiers lost arms, legs, heads….

    The cops came. These were large, loud fire crackers. His mom was livid. She called my mom to apologize about having firecrackers at her house. She told my dad, who beat me with a six foot length of 2×2 and kicked me in the kidney for endangering myself. My friend was grounded for a week of summer. We never did THAT again.

    Years later, as a young adult, I visited Gettysburg and learned about the fighting there, and throughout that period, and it dawned on me how right my friend and I had got it: we’d lined up our men and rained hell upon them. You got it right, too, with this poem.

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