20 comments on “Confession

  1. The grace we give ourselves will be reflected in the grace we show others and the grace we receive from others will be reflected in the grace we give ourselves . . .

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  2. Someone posted a quote on integrity, causing me to question the meaning. Self-knowledge, whether personal or from a character perspective is a very vivid compehension of other questionable intangibles, such as judgment and justice -a pair not as closely related as the etymology indicates.

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  3. I like to think of those as ‘losing it in the temple’ moments. Some anger is justified. Where there is a moral imperative to denounce wrongdoing we would be lacking in humanity and duty to let it pass open-palmed. You’ve got nothing to worry about, Paul. Had a word with the big guy and he doesn’t regret smashing things up a bit now and then when the fight was right. You’re absolved. Told me to tell you!

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