6 comments on “Taiwan Musings

  1. Fascinating history behind Formosa & Mainland China: were it not for its American militarization for the sake of our security in East Asia, it would have been taken back a long time ago . . . But like Honkong it has since become something of an economic ‘jewel in the crown’ for Beijing . . .

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  2. Wiser and kinder than maybe the West? There is a hint of satire here in this magnificent take on recent news from the Orient…let us hope the West makes no big deal out on boring man made islands within the same ocean for things otherwise seem as you poem points out things are perhaps going well in the region at long last…great stuff Paul

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    • spent time in both Taiwan and the mainland – the people never ceased to impress me – I could see a positive future not unlike Hong Kong – but it will take a lot to shake the Taiwanese from their independent spirit


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