9 comments on “Voir Dire

  1. I recently went through Voir Dire on a capital murder case…5 days, 110 question questionnaire, and to finish it up a direct questioning by the defense, and prosecuting attorneys. I was a wreck by the time it was done. I was dismissed from service, but the young man was sentenced to death by lethal injection.
    I usually get my letter within 3 weeks of voting. But I think it’s important to participate.

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  2. In all my years, I’ve been called just once for jury duty. Apparently, I had too much baggage for both sides. It was an lawsuit regarding an injury at a grocery store, and I had close personal knowledge about a medical lawsuit, as well as having been deposed for an injury to a customer while working at a grocery store in my youth.
    Meanwhile, one of the prospective jurors was immediately dismissed due to his belligerence. He was dressed as a mechanic, clean but with grease stained hands and fingernails, and he made it known that, as a sole proprietor/businessman, the system was threatening his livelihood. His sincerity was evident. The system just doesn’t work for all people.

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