19 comments on “Spoonfed

  1. Many roam the earth unaware of their good fortune. Your poem really captures the hollowness of that way of life. Well done and I love the painting, thought it was a photo at first. Great pairing of the painting with your piece.

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  2. An educational slant for one such as me born not quite in poverty but not that far off…I shall count myself as a lucky man who worked hard for everything I now have…thought provoking poem yet just having re-read your book ‘City of Pawns’ (bloody good read by the way) your skills with the pen serve to amaze – Pilings, page 289 a particular favourite by the way.

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  3. I liked it. The language was well worked as always, but I feel it could have benefited from the use of punctuation to guide the reader through your thoughts.
    Though I know your stance on this practice in poetry, I am wondering only that it may be used on occasion to help others when you are writing a poem so grounded in personal opinion – where they need guidance for your (and their) sake.

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