28 comments on “Another New Year

  1. In the most human experience time marches on. When young you have or what seems you have all the time in the world and with every tick and tock of time, time seems to go faster as you age. Love these lines. Be well.

    I used to love time
    at a time
    when I thought
    time was endless

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  2. There can be great loneliness in getting old. There is a sadness that is hard for young people to understand. Better for them to enjoy their youth for now. It does feel sad to watch and feel your body getting older. So many things we wish had gone differently. And watching the children grow up and make mistakes while ignoring our warnings, as if we know not of what we speak.

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  3. I remeber how, as a child, i looked forward to Christmas. Now, as an adult, Christmas catches me by surprise: damn! Is already Christmas again? Time flies ever faster. You put that nicely on a poem. Thanks for that!

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  4. Truly how time seems to accelerate as I become slower … I too loved time, but took it for granted and threw it away … now it’s more precious than a snow flake. A lovely poem Paul.

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