15 comments on “Confetti

  1. So much to commend here, Paul, not least of which is the wish that we take note of one iota of what’s gone before. I can see everyone picking up a few bits each to read and trying to reassemble the jigsaw. That would be quite something.
    Wishing you the best of everything you would wish for yourself and yours in this crazy cross-cut world. Happy New Year from Glasgow to New Hampshire, friend to friend. May you and your words long flourish.x

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  2. Like love notes in a bottle and tossed into the sea, your poems will endure to provide serendipity to countless generations . . . Blessed New Year!

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  3. Wonderful poem – the flow and cadence, the structure – stop and start. Did remind me of the quote I posted yesterday positing in part the more history we let in, the more likely it is to be forgotten. so many pieces, impossible to read them all, falling in swirling storm like confetti. yet we can – your poem (seems) to say: we can pick up at least one, give that day, that moment, its due, its acknowledgement. Great job!

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