21 comments on “Sleep

  1. This is really where all the beautiful people hang out, isn;t it – they all visit you, you lucky thing. Okay, my question. How many books have you published on your work and how many of it, since I am interested in how you divested all your interest into being and not seeing that you are a great worker and a fine poet. Cheese! B

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      • WOW!!! Congrats my friend that is so cool. I have just been made General Secretary of the Musician’s Union here in the UK so I need you to know that I will be reading other things for a while but I refuse to drop my blog, I shall simply be changing the name of it to “Musician’s blog” and then I will win the vote to take action against those who wound you with their songs, i.e. God and his worker the King of Spite, that is, I care about the thought of being in the work and that is found.

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