29 comments on “Forever, For Now

      • Whether intended or not, you touch on the nature of our fractal holographic illusion. The hells we make can go on forever. Recursion is something I am very familiar. This is how you process large sets of data. You apply a recursive algorithm. Not surprising, aware of it or not, you use recursion to process large sets of natural phenomena. There is an end to a recursive algorithm, then you move onto to the next set of data.


  1. I read somewhere that babies didn’t experience pain when teething. What a crock that was. I read somewhere that because labour was natural, it wasn’t really painful, we were build to take it. I rembered that during seven births. Didn’t help much. I read, too, that pain can be transmuted. That may very well be true, but while we have receptors in our spinal cotd and brain that work and receive the information from our bodies, we hurt. And it’s sore.
    I hope you get ease, Paul.

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  2. I think the colors and design in the picture could speak of many things. Your poetry is specific and I feel the pain. For me pain is entirely real and frightening until I come to terms with it. I hope your pain recedes, Paul.

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