30 comments on “Relic

  1. No! Please don’t give up! Chivalry is not dead, and the world desperately needs men like you who may flesh out and so show what such dignity, respect, and manners look like.

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  2. I feel much the same Paul…still hold doors open for gals young and old, always will. I only occasionally get the rebuff. Not a lot of young chaps make the point of walking the pavement roadside of a lady…this disappoints me I must say. A thought provoking piece this one!

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  3. Chivalry is not dead! My husband is proof of that, as well as my son! And I am finally seeing it more with the older 20s crowd. I’m hoping they’ll pass it down to their younger siblings. Excellent piece, Paul!

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  4. Don’t say that! We were just talking about this today. These things don’t die. They go out of fashion but they return. Everything is cyclical, some things just take longer to orbit. People eventually figure what’s missing and seek it out again.
    I hope to god that’s true. You’re no relic.

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      • You make a valid and interesting point, Paul. I fear that the portayal of our ‘culture’ on TV is at least partially responsible for inciting antagonism among other cultures and religions. It looks like we’re all raving mad, devoid of values and morals. I’ve wondered whether we are, in fact, creating our own negative propaganda. What other worlds see and perceive must be influenced by what streams through the media.
        Thank god, it’s not the whole truth, but how many must believe that it is.

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