38 comments on “Poetry of Pain

  1. Interesting, beautiful, reverent–needs pondering, not quick read. I wonder why the reverence is “chary”–not wondering why you wrote it that way, but why it’s true. I may have mostly given up aspiring to quiver mountain’s marrow–but oh, how I yearn for those moments of peace, which are not frequent enough.

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  2. Beautiful it took me awhile to have it all sink in. Have not been on the computer much too hot to come in the room where it is.. Been over 40.0deg far too long now we are all melting


  3. The older I get, the longer I tend to huddle in those “resonant caves”. Are the consolations of art worth the suffering? I think so. I know so: “The sad mechanic exercise, / Like dull narcotics, numbing pain.” (Tennyson, In Memoriam, v). Deeply resonant piece Paul.

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  4. You just described, so beautifully, what I’ve been struggling to say for over a week now. I don’t follow many – I’m careful with whom I follow, ensuring I only follow those I either feel a kinship with, a connection to, or greatly admire as a writer. I’ve been following you since nearly the day I got here (WP) – and I always (though silently as of late – rough times right now) walk away from poems touched or changed in some way.

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