42 comments on “A Note to My Readers

  1. Is it possible to roll back to the previous version? Or do a system restore to a date prior to the update? I’ve no idea whether either of these things would work for this problem but I’ve had to use both, in the past, to resolve tech issues.

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  2. I am sorry you are having trouble with Windows 10 too. I would not recommend that anyone use it.

    I would have warned you if I knew you were about to do that. My feelings about windows 10 are not endearing ones.

    Once you have started you probably have to kerp going. I asked the Geek Squad guys at Best Buy about removing it from my laptop and they recommended against doing that, saying that from what they have seen, it causes more problemd that leaving it on….and putting up with it.

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  3. Thanks for the update, Paul! Uggsss.. this is why I have refused to do this upgrade to Windows 10. I have heard so many horror stories. I am putting it off as long as possible because I love Windows 7.

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  4. I haven’t had any problems with Windows 10. When I did the update, it didn’t affect any photos, documents, or other installed software.
    My antivirus software backs up all my photos, documents, and anything else I tell it to, every night. If your antivirus software does that, you can recover your photos through it.

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  5. I see a new book emerging out of your struggle! I can’t wait since like many others who’ve chimed in Windows 7 keep it all simple for stupid technology people like me . . . Hope you document a chart showing all the dangerous rocks lying just under the water`line ready to leave us ‘high & dry’! The support for Windows 7 is to expire sometime this summer I think; then it will have gone the way of XP . . . Alas & Alack!

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  6. You can roll back to the previous version. I had to do it the first time I installed windows 10. Everything was fine. Best of luck Paul! Technology can be very frustrating!! Currently using Windows 10 without any problems.

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  7. Paul, everyone I have talked to who have upgraded to Windows 10 are having problems with it. I sympathize with the loss of your images. They are such an integral part of your poetry, but the poems are still the very best part.

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  8. I had to have an expert come and fix my laptop after downloading windows 10 too. He told my installing is not advised. I didn’t lose images, but had a whole lot of very frustrating littles glitches that seem to have been sorted out. If only I’d know beforehand! Best of luck….

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