27 comments on “Pray Tell Me

      • Oh yes…we have a new lefty leader of the Labour party who one the common vote to become leader despite being a back bencher ‘keeping it real’ all his career. Yet now just as I thought we had a goodun his henchmen are trying to get sitting MP’s out of the way in order, come the next election, his cohorts are in place…bit like Stalin all over again. Extremes either way just do not work out I think. I shall be at a loss to find any party to vote for methinks.

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  1. amen, passing on the legacy has never been tougher, but as you get nearer the top of the mountain the steps are steeper, but the air gets fresher, don’t despair, hang on…fine poem, expresses the opinions of many

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  2. The fractionalization of politics seems to get worse year after year – moderates have less and less chance to make it through the nominating process. I tend to fall a bit to the left of middle, but wouldn’t feel too bad about voting for Kasic, Bush, OMalley or Paul – more or less in that order. None of those guys look too likely to get nominated. The options look pretty bleak – anybody like Bloomburg?

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    • O’Malley, Paul and Huckabee are now out – I’m well right of center but could live with those you mention – at this point I’m leaning toward Fiorina – I’d welcome a strong independent to the race, but have serious problems with Bloomberg


  3. Thought provoking poem, well put,,
    “my life is behind me
    alarmed for the future
    my grandchildren face”
    This is a thought I have frequently as well, we shall see what we shall see.

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  4. It does feel as if we live in a horrible time politically, but I was listening to an author interview on NPR–wish I could remember the guy’s name. He was rather reassuring in his assertion that American politicians had always played dirty. Some of the stunts pulled throughout the decades in presidential campaigns were utterly reprehensible even by today’s standards.
    Unfortunately, we live in an age that gives us a blow by blow report.

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