36 comments on “Some People Shouldn’t be Parents

  1. I love my dogs, they are part of me…You take on the responsibility of an animal it is like taking the responsibility of being a parent all over again…


  2. Pets and children are often the random consequences of impulsive pleasures. But, both will be around for their lifetimes, for the most part. The dog pictured should not be chained because it’s bread, or at least mix, is what I term a herding dog. It needs lots of yard to roam and run in. It needs to be walked (well, that’s were the run part comes in) daily.


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  4. oh please go steal him and take him home!!! that’s exactly how I got my last dog, Bear, he was tied to a tree and rarely fed, never loved, we took him, and he had a wonderful life for 13 years. I hope it was enough to erase that evil!


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