26 comments on “Bump and Jar

  1. This is fantastic! The subject is also something I’ve spent a great deal of time in my life thinking about: America’s backyard junkyard, always visible from the train.


  2. I was looking at photos, a few hours ago, of families living in disused train carriages the fathers had once worked on and wondering how can this be. Turn a blind eye sums it up. Amazing the reflections you hold on to, Paul, from your commuting days and the perfection with which you’ve captured the journey and the problem.

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  3. “either way
    stolen cars
    broken dreams
    they both have their markets…”
    how true…I felt I was riding in the commuter train…you certainly delved into the minds of the riders…on the train…and in life…
    Wonderful writing as always!
    I think you should be the Poet Laureate of our country…You are such an amazing poet, Paul!

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