30 comments on “Solipsism

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  2. This makes me think about an existential crisis I experienced after washing out of college. It probably lasted just a couple of days, but it seemed like an eternity. People treated me no differently, and I realized it was because I had “continued” acting with purpose. But then, it was expected of me. Not that I felt I was only worth their evaluation – I had to set that for myself, which allowed me to switch gears.

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  3. Very interesting, the wordplay was superb, and I often find myself wondering these things. We can really never know how we portray to people and what character we play in other’s lives. AS for us, we are the main character in our world, but to others we may just be an extra, or that guy that does this or that. Lovely Poem


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  4. You have rendered the Philosophy of Solipsism into an aesthetic, questioning the very credentials of existence and yet living the marrow of existence intact. Anand Bose from Kerala.

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