31 comments on “Modern Science

  1. Fascinating language–“thoughts leaking from buckets of brains” makes me think of teachers shaking their heads at students who forgot yesterday’s lesson.


  2. each sentence is so complete in its own. Together it’s like a credo.

    i wrote something similar, recently–exploring how hydrogen (and other volatile gasses) cannot be completely contained ever. Totally different, but the idea is somewhat the same–the path quite different, as the effect is, too. Cool connection…


  3. I like the metaphors. The entrenched science (which is always wrong in some aspect unforeseen until new discoveries and theories inevitably come along) trips and falls on more and more fact-stones and sink holes as it ages. I like the “incontinent seepage of once settled science”


  4. Thanks for dropping by my blog, Paul. I’m not much of a poet and I confess to being stymied by most poetry. But I just read your Rusty Bucket and I empathize completely. I will peruse you poems and hope they inspire me to tap into my ‘inner poet’ some more.


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