76 comments on “To My Friends and Followers

  1. Such grace cannot be fabricated or even taught, it flow but from the heart of one well`beloved . . . My hat is off to you, my friend . . .

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  2. Bless you Mr Lenzi! Wonderful to hear how so many are reading your poetry, sir. A well deserved following. You are an inspiring individual with a gift we cherish (and would jealously covet if we didn’t all adore you so much). I appreciate your support and friendship as much as I admire your magnificent writing. Long may you continue! Sincere best wishes from baldy xx

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  3. Thanks to YOU, Paul for giving us so much pleasure. I have come but lately to this place but remember ‘connecting’ with you quite early….Keep writing. Many thanks. 🙂

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  4. Words of wisdom Lenzi. We are so fortunate today. Our predecessors were not given to such great opportunities. They had to toil to see their work in Print. Today even trash not even worth publishing is readily published. Thanks to technology.

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  5. So thrilled to see how successful you’ve become with your poetry and writings. To have built your international following to over 8,000 is simply amazing. Keep putting thoughts to computer old friend. Your perspective on life and this world fascinates.

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  6. …Your presence is a Blessing, Paul…I was fortunate to have crossed writing paths with you when I first began WordPress…I wrote to give myself life and communication with others…to step outside of my isolation…and YOUR WORDS brought me and still bring me comfort many, countless times! Your acknowledgment of my writing–when I see your Photo there saying you LIKE what I write—I am deeply honored that you take the time…and you have offered me prayers and encouragement, Paul….for all of this and your great writing, I thank you!

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  7. So glad you followed mel nd I follw you. You are an inspiration-like an open wndow in spring. You write. I’ll read, and maybe I can write too!!!!! Thanks! Oh, and your tribute to all of us is marvelous. I am an artist and especialy like the picutres to go with your work. You chose just the right combinations!

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