18 comments on “Banality

  1. “…keeping the world

    on the edge of its ledge…”

    For me, making a decision is a dead drop or wings uplifting. Sometimes both are right. “When you come to a fork in the road, take it” Yogi Berra might of said this

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      • Best one ever was Ladies Day at Ascot 24 years ago where my then heavily pregnant wife (dressed in a bell tent rather than the pretty frock her condition didn’t allow) handed me a mere tenner and said place a bet for me. I opted for 2nd favourites in each race on the card and used the ‘place pot’ bet. By tea time that £10 had won her £850. Not the biggest win in the world yet one I’ll always remember. A few days later she gave birth.

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  2. Some days do become rusty, but our creative spirit never will. My physical stamina has declined, but my spontaneity has shifted to things I felt that I had no time for before retirement. Actually, life is better. Less stress, less deadlines. I still see the magic on a non-rusty day and it makes me wonder… 🙂

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  3. I think the piece of old rusting metal is full of imaginative possibilities – like looking at clouds. Or snowflakes that don’t repeat their patterns. I think it’s not “farewell” but “fare forward” as we age, as T.S. Eliot’s writes.

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