29 comments on “Regression

  1. This poem really resonates with me. I find myself, more and more, reaching back to the past when I thought I could understand the world. Indeed, there are often times when I feel too old for this world.


  2. “there are days I’m too old for the world”
    indeed, I feel this way as well sometimes….and you have a few years on me. Come to think of it my best friend who is almost 20 years my senior told me, when we first met, that I have an old soul. I was still a teenager then.


  3. The world is certainly outspinning the pace of my stride at the moment. I’m being kicked in the stomach daily by events at home and abroad. The whole thing is like a car crash that I cannot tear my eyes from, while at the same time being increasingly bewildered by it all. The guideposts are becoming less and less reliable.

    Great poem. Thank you.

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