22 comments on “Conflagration

  1. Interesting word, “misliterations”. Seems like there’s not just “power”, but aggression, maybe apocalyptic. (I feel like I’m in a college poetry class again, raising my hand to volunteer an interpretation…)

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    • I occasionally make up a word when I can’t find a suitable expression – hopefully they convey my thoughts – I hesitate to speak of apocalypse but this terror is – well – terrifying


  2. I have been reading Nietzsche’s Zarathustra lately, and the opening lines are redolent of that book. As a prophet of a fire-centred religion, he is almost a perfect example to open this ardent ode. A paean to Persia, if you will. I’m feeling inspired myself after reading this. I might scribble a flagrant response.
    Wonderful work.

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