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  2. If I ever needed reminding (which I don’t) of you consummate skills in conjuring classic poetry this is it. Although it reminds me of an old Lou Reed song, ‘Sword of Damocles’ this poem has far greater eloquence and imagery than does his lyric. In the song and talking of his close friend’s demise and various treatments he observes, ‘So to cure you they must kill you, the Sword of Damocles hangs above your head’…what you have penned here puts flesh upon the skeleton of Mr Reed’s words to the extent that I expect if he is up there somewhere he is a tad jealous!

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  3. So true Paul. There is a big push here in Florida by the DEA to pressure Drs and RX who prescribe pain meds, as a result a lot of terminally ill are suffering and some are ending it themselves, I feel they are playing into the hands of drug dealers that many people are turning to as an alternative. Drugs are a huge and nearly unmaniglble issue. thank you for the wonderfully expressed and beautifully written words.

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  4. I take my morning cocktail and my evening cocktail refusing to consider where I’m going with them or where I’d be without them. 9 years now since ‘near death’ I consider every day a gift to be used creatively and with gratitude . . . I feel your pain . . .

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  5. I too am going through recovery from this affliction, am learning to reduce my prescriptions while seeking alternative medicine treatments and learning Quantum energy. I used to be on about ten different kinds of medications. Am now down to three, and reducing them as well.

    Very well written and heartfelt, my friend! I too feel your pain and am constantly seeking ways to restore the natural balance I once walked in naturally as a child living on my family’s farm. I was so wild and free and strong then! I am still strong, but a wounded warrior for sure.

    We are all healers. Your site is exquisite!

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  6. “Go ask Alice! ” Did you ever read “Sometimes a Great Notion” by Ken Kesey? It has as part of it a wonderful description of the way the world looks from the eyes of an abuser. Yes. and I also drink wine when I do an oil painting, or dance with abandon. I think the ancients also used something. Even Christ turned water to wine. The problem is in the over-use, and the dependence. Or am I misguided.

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  7. Your poem is wonderful, Paul, although saddens me to think of the reasons behind the need. I was speaking, just last night, with my son, about pharmaceutical companies and their stronghold on the health/wellbeing of nations and about the possible benefits of medicinal marijuana. I don’t know a great deal about either other than what I’ve gleaned from sources here and there. I’m just suspicious enough of any profit motivated company to question whether what is touted is as accurate as we are led to believe. Wishing you well, Paul, and an alleviating of pain.x

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