29 comments on “Whorehouse Piano

  1. My, my, It was an enigmatic but enticing read, how mundane and unholy the virgin’s mind was. Every lines was uncomfortably titillating, the luscious words and its flavor turned your piece into a delicious full-course meal. Thanks for the food.

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  2. Dear Amazing Friend: I myself would be such a piano player. I think you are too. But let it be for a better cause than just “getting off. ” Let it be for evoking the magic of the evening, and the connection that sex, swift and passing, satisfy. This moment when we are not alone.
    You are definitely the poet of our times. I will reblog this so that others might read your works. I assume you allow this. But, I would do a piece around it that celebrates the siren’s call. And I am not sure it is insincere. I am aware of the “Hotel California” and that one can never leave, and like Truman said, there is little difference. It is about calling. Calling to no longer be alone. Also, for many people, that moment of connection is the best they ever ever have.

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  3. I would prefer the piano player in a whorehouse. There is less subterfuge in her profession. The wonderfully slippery words of your poem could come out the mouth of either one and I prefer music to ranting.

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