23 comments on “The Little Pastor

  1. Fantastic, Paul. Reminds me of the Nabakov title ‘Despair’. Or maybe simply Man’s eternal insane dilemma – always banging his head against the ceiling of the universe, drinking the sea in a cup, carrying a mountain upon his back, or taking in the atmosphere with one single drawn breath. My heart breaks for those…


  2. Sir, you write so beautifully and your flow is so relaxed all the while being adequately confined. You are a true poet in this day and age. Know that you inspire me as I have not reached your depth yet.


  3. A vain pride. To dismiss the thoughts of so many great thinkers and rely solely on self asks for trouble. The void will always be filled by something. Madness not a great option. Great piece, beautifully crafted.x


  4. Great post. Check out my current and upcoming political and theological posts! Follow for follow. Share anything you like to increase the following and viewership. Thanks. I look forward to your future posts!


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