20 comments on “Androgyny

  1. great rhythm, who knows what poetry is these days, only those that read it i suppose, and those who care enough to give meaning, to something going on that needs to be exposed, amen

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  2. I get scolded for my short line prose poems by some people… but… the reason the lines are short is that when I am writing one of them I am working so hard to express the feeling and idea that it is like pulling a tooth, or maybe catching a gooey duck clam at the bottom of the Puget Sound, and the clam is fighting and digging as fast as it can to get away….. hard work….

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  3. I really like how the feel and art of this piece is like one big double entendre (or is it?). It’s in the message and the way you poet-ed (or is it prosed) it all together. Brilliant art once again! 🙂

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  4. I have had the odd experience of writing something that was to me prose and having others call it poetry, as though intent was not a factor. It is, no doubt, the advent of modern poetry that creates the ambiguity and fluidity between the two forms.

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      • Thanks for the Paul, appreciated. I’ve only posted a couple of bits this past week or so. I’ve been mucking about with this ‘book’ I’m trying to put together. My writing style seems too self-indulgent presently!

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  5. When the words feel as if they wash over you – no matter the form – and bathe you in new or freshly realised understanding, that, is poetry to me. The best of prose does the same. Yours always does. Poet through and through.

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