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  1. An Egyptian friend of mine, from years ago, once told me he could never feel truly happy knowing there were others less fortunate but neither could he be unhappy knowing that, no matter how bad things may become for him, there was always someone worse off. I remember, at the time, thinking it was a bit of a miserable existence – almost voluntarily abstaining from happiness – but, I think I understand it better now. Balance. If you were a selfish man you wouldn’t even be querying. I rather think, ‘there but for the grace of God’, combines fear and compassion into motivating action. Balancing fortunate circumstances with concern for others. It’s a tricky business having a conscience. :/

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    • as I said to mike, I think compassion is our most definitive human quality – and, as you observe, must lead to action if it is to be a valid virtue – the balancing of conscientious motives will, however, always remain (per your excellent word) tricky

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  2. So, so many lines I could choose from to applaud and agree with. Add that to such well chosen words that have brightened this dim day of reading drivel. As ever, ‘Bravo’ Sir.

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