19 comments on “Oscar

  1. There are so few actors I can sincerely applaud–usually their work is eclipsed by a lot of bad behavior in their personal lives. I know, I know–it’s not for me to judge. Now, Gregory Peck–I think he deserves his statuettes; there’s nobody like him.


  2. Pretending we don’t care else why bother? There is in us all a need for recognition in the areas we choose to excel in. At home we want to hear: You are AWESOME! In our communities we want to hear: You make a difference! At work we want to get a pay check and a review that says you exceed expectations or your fellow workers let you know you make the pain of the environment easier to bear. “It is 5 0’clock somewhere!” Even the gang bangers flaunt their graffiti with the need to be acknowledged for their mark on the wall. The pageantry and fanfare is not just an Oscar thing. The Race for the Cure announces every cancer victim’s name as they pass the finish line. This year I will be recognized at a special dinner event for those who have been employed for 35+ years at Kaiser Permanente. Fanfare? You bet I want FANFARE! I want HOOPLA, DANCING, SINGING, SILLINESS and a most UNFORGETABLE CELEBRATION OF ME! Isn’t there something in your energy expending, love for the arts and creative writing and family that kinda identifies with the heart of the Oscars?

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