25 comments on “Limelight

  1. Seeking after popularity is like chasing after the wind. Once you thought you have it, it quickly blows away out of your grasp. However, when we strive to serve without expectation of return, we create a permanent mark in the lives that we help.

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  3. The pop culture thing seems like a fool’s paradise. Or another version of the Emperor’s New Clothes. Your words of praise for the real heroes are grounded in a simpler, truer world. Thanks.

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  4. I was writing recently about everyday heroes but didn’t post it. I might look again at it in light of your words. It galls me that those who rise to daily challenges receive no recognition – are almost deemed as no marks – while others are lauded for nothing of merit. It’s a sad state of affairs that when you ask children what they want to be when they grow up, they say, ‘famous’. The world is topsy turvy.

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