16 comments on “PhD

  1. Universal truth …when others think you know something is when you finally have the luxury to acknowledge the truth that you don’t and can start learning for your own sake and not for the world…..well said !

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  2. So true, Paul. I got my PhD in 2010 and they told me something very similar. And it has been true. The studies opened my awareness in ways I had never thought to seek new knowledge – and service.

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  3. I went back fo my PhD at the age of 38 having travelled the world, worked and experienced life. This meant I did not fit in and as a result I have been locked in a battle with the University concerned for over a decade. If I lived in the USA I would have sued a long time ago – because I know life and how I have been screwed. Universities are close minded and know little about life at all.

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