22 comments on “Art of the Letter

  1. I love that image of a “private ink kiss”. I guess letter writing is a dying art form; hopefully a replacement art form will emerge. I had a writing mentor long ago that lamented the loss of the paper trail of edits to a work. In his honor I actually save all my edits instead of saving over them. Who knows maybe sometimes the words slashed in red will inspire a new work. Engaging poem, Paul.

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  2. Yes, it is so sad that letter writing has been replaced with “insta-this&that” and tweets, emails. Most of what we know about history has been found in letters that families kept through the years for generations. A beautiful art when the penmanship held as much emotion as the words. Your poem is a lasting memory and beautiful acclaim to bygone days.

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  3. I love writing and receiving letters. My sons and I, although we stay in touch via the usual modern electronic ways, still write letters to one another at least a couple of times a year. I intend to write my grandson too. I have letters written by family members from the past and they are some of my most precious possessions. The “private ink kiss” is right on target about that. When I take a letter out of its envelope that my mother wrote, it is as though I’m actually touching her in a way. (She passed away in 2001.) I want my kids and grandkids to have that too.

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  4. Wonderful! I have whole boxes of family correspondence, including letters I wrote my mother over the years that she saved for me. I salted away a few precious letters from people I care about in drawers and in piles of papers that I run across unexpectedly. They bring back the delight of the first time I read them.

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  5. superb. I miss writing letters. I used to write dozens but so few replied. As the older generation passed away, the letters became fewer and fewer. Now it is a rare thing to pick up my beloved parker fountain pen. Sad. There is something very personal and magical about real ink and sketching out a sentence with a nib. I will write you a letter when I send you my book in August, Paul. I promise.

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