54 comments on “Boyhood Inventory

  1. I gave up cigars when I gave up the finance industry many years ago – I rather fancy one right now! The boxes and your sublime words say it all! Also that has rather put the mockers on the piece I’ve been working on regarding Churchill!

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  2. Your command of language is such a delight in such poems. “Guarded by underbed mists” is just fabulous–“unformed tomorrows” waiting to “emerge from shadow to shape”–wow, wow, wow! Makes me want to step into the poem and just hide out for the day.


  3. A treasure-trove of the past and our possessions, dreams, ideals – which gradually changes into the present view of a lost childhood – well, almost lost – loved the cigar boxes; one of our open-mic fellows turned up with a cigar-box-instrument (3-string version) to our beloved Art House last-year and the sound (and smell) were something else. Thank you, Paul, for this read. Graeme:)


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