44 comments on “Whirlwind

  1. It’s the fifth time I’ve come back to read and reread this poem . . . Why is that? Except that the whirlwind you describe so powerfully holds us all in its whirl . . . A vortex called ‘mortality’ which in the end will claim each of us, and yet not without the tug of the centrifuge of faith . . . Thank you!


  2. It reads as powerfully on the 6th reading as the ones before . . . As dark as the night, the poet still sings within you . . . Bravo!


  3. Wonderful. Stopped me in my tracks as I searched the net for visual whirlwinds. Really reminds me of a book character I’m writing about. Very inspirational words. Thank you for sharing, Paul. I hope you don’t mind me sharing on my blog and Facebook page.
    Trace :o)

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  5. “There is much poetry in despair.” So true Paul. This is lovely, but quite sad, almost lonely. Life has been pretty good to me lately. Maybe that’s why I can’t seem to find the word these days. Some of my best work has come when I am filled with despair. Thanks for the wonderful read!

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