23 comments on “Louvre

  1. As an old Japanese man once told me, ‘He who has never climbed Mt Fuji is a fool; he who has climbed it more than once is a greater fool!’ I’ll take the countryside of Provence over the museums of Paris anytime . . . Sorry . . . And as for Frenchmen being sanctified, in corporeal context or otherwise, I have my German doubts . . . But I loved your poem!

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    • ahh – I understand – so we’ll agree to disagree – I, too, love Provence, but I could revisit the Louvre again and again and never see all of its masterpieces of human artistry – I used “sanctified Frenchmen” to reflect my surprise when I first visited and found that French artists comprise the largest part of their collection

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  2. It is a perfect place for losing yourself but also to find yourself…

    The only thing better than visiting France is living here. While I adore Paris, there is so much more to see and do.

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