30 comments on “Warrior

  1. You write so incredibly about this hideous pain–fierce elegance, I’ll call it. But I confess I get concerned about you–it’s difficult to fight any kind of pain day after day and not want to give up. Always you’re in my fervent prayers.


  2. As one that lives with a wife with powerful, chronic pain and anguish your words are powerfully real….many truly do not comprehend let alone are able to express it like you….a true blessing for us all and I imagine for you.


  3. You have shared your pain far more elegantly than Ms. Dickinson did, as I’m sure your readers will attest.

    There is a pain—so utter—
    It swallows being up—
    Then covers the abyss with trance—
    So memory can step
    Around—across—upon it—
    As one within a swoon—
    Goes safely—where an open eye—
    Would drop him—bone by bone.

    One of your top 10 poems in my opinion!

    Would to God that I could help bear your pain. I have sufficient experience in that area myself. *thin smile*



  4. The writing is exquisitely beautiful, a top drawer/keepsake piece of poetry–and yet, I ache for you, knowing the pain is not even a little bit pretty; so I celebrate your courage to tolerate it with grace and make something great and lasting in the midst of it. Perhaps that last is something we share in common. (“No whining, just write!”)


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