9 comments on “Whittlings

  1. Give me men like these to play with anytime; save the ivory/ebony ones for the old boys in the high`rises . . . Nice write!


  2. Wood moves me. It appeals to every sense. That it can be fashioned into so many useful and beautiful things is a wonder to me. That it can be as solid as the dining table my husband built or as ornate as the jewellery box my dad carved for my mum is something of a miracle. That it can be transformed into paper for generations of words, a joy. The smell of a new book. The feel of fine paper. The sound of pages turning. And the taste of potatoes cooked on a camp fire! I can’t whittle…only the boys in my family were allowed penknives (sexist father!) but I did take a woodwork class years ago. They wouldn’t let me make wardrobes….said it was a bit adventurous…but I can make a box and use a few tools. Don’t ask my husband about the six inch nails I once battered into a wall though. I hadn’t mastered real plugs at the time. :/

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