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  1. I used to hate graffiti, but have seen some that is awesome. There was a blog post last week of some in Rio that belongs in museums. But otherwise, and as usual, I can identify.

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  2. Tattoos is nice. if its well done or adds to a place I am all for it, but then again, I am all for freedom of expression and it is subjective…so it is a topic of conflict. Great artistry in them there words though.

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  3. Graffiti as artistic expression has its merits yet is also a beauty (or to the contrary) in the eyes of the beholder. One person’s treasure is perceived another person’s junk! As a career property/facility manager/administrator for thirty years, I was called upon with frequency to address this very issue or expression depending on one’s reception of such ‘artisan expression’.

    Where invited (on rare occasion) there was a generally warm and respective acceptance yet more often that not it was a constant source of property owner frustration and a costly restorative cleanup. The perception of deflated property value will always far outweigh artistic merit and whatever our creative craft, there is a rightful place for its presentation.

    Such ‘narrow-minded’ perspective goes against the grain of personal expression yet a reality I had to deal with and address as instructed by our clients forthwith! There were occasions where I was suitably impressed though client responsibilities were first and foremost.

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