26 comments on “Purblind

  1. Fabulous. You do “scathing” so well, Paul. I have a quote I want to post–but I have a feeling if I gave it to you, you’d do a much better job making my point. Hope you’re having an excellent Wednesday (it feels like it should be Friday to me).


  2. While I concur I try (mostly) to be tolerant. Spinoza also said: ‘do not wax indignant – understand’. And he referred to understanding being ‘the first and only basis of virtue’. Works wonders for my stress levels (;


  3. Have not read Spinoza so won’t profess that I understand, but agree 100% with these lines:

    “where those famous for fame
    and those famous for shame
    entertain hosts of vacuous minds”

    Aren’t all of us guilty to some extent?

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  4. This is a wonderful piece that truly captured the strange fascination of people on scandals, social media, fame, etc.
    guiltily, as much as I want to try to not conform with society or admit that I for one have the tendency to be superficial, i’m secretly fascinated, and I can’t help it sometimes because they’re everywhere.

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