32 comments on “Old Mind

  1. Wonderful description of how old minds work without much needed stimulation. Actually young minds can get stuck that way also when each day feels like the last. The mind needs to fly.

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  2. Truth about aging. Actually anyone who decides to stay out of regular routine , even a home maker can feel this way … Loneliness comes in many forms and at all ages. Companionship gets intense yet momentary with passage of time.

    I love your poetry.

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  3. I’m someone in my 20s and one transitioning to adulthood, and one of my fears is getting sucked into a mundane routine. I fear it would make me unhappy. I love your poetry, by the way. The ingrained truth in them is daunting.

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  4. My aging mind feels over-stuffed when I happen upon things that remind me of some fabulous journey in the past. It is a banquet too rich. I prefer the lean possibility of being surprised by a single new thing today.

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  5. Like R Okaji you have given me a diet, over the past year or two, of poetry that I have enjoyed beyond your workload – i.e. I enjoy your poetry a lot more than do you! and I hope it continues! Be Good! B

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