35 comments on “Ol’ Blue Eyes

  1. I so agree with you bout that tone. I’m an old soul I tell ya… i do listen to a wide variety of music from metal to classical and I love to have to days of listening to Sinatra and Dean Martin.


  2. Probably not, though he’s not a fave of mine–I’d go with Dean Martin and Perry Como. I’m glad you mentioned Michael Buble–I do like him. I was watching “Moonstruck” the other night–I LOVE when Dino sings, “That’s Amore!” I probably should have been Italian…


  3. I love that you noted how the cigs and whiskey honed his talent. Gold in, gold out. 😉 He really was a character and I cannot fail to move to New York. Not twice. Every time! All swingers at heart maybe. 🙂 A fine tribute, Paul, with your fondness shining through.

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  4. My husband is a big fan of Sinatra, too. Any time I hear him, *I* think of the old Merry Melodie cartoons, be it the Bugs Bunny cartoon where Elmer Fudd’s a waiter in Hollywood and we see Sinatra suck himself into a straw because he’s so thin, or the Porky Pig cartoon where Bing and Frank roosters compete for the chickens’ affections. 🙂

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