19 comments on “Season of Speeches

  1. Both here in the UK and where you are also. Utterly depressing politicians handing out words we want to hear…more depressing some actually believe them. We should make the bloody lot of them read and digest this poem Paul…you’ve ‘shredded’ them, as an old barrister friend of mine would have put it!

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  2. Sadly true and well put. As long as this planet stands this will be the nature of public officials. the real people are humble and are busy helping their family and local communities… who’s left for public office?

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  3. When wise men will not speak up and good men will not serve, we are left to the folly of hucksters and charlatans. It’s a sad day for democracy when the best and brightest among us refuse to pursue public service . . .

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    • a popular view of the rest of the USA from here in NH where we still operate a citizen legislature with relatively few professional pols – parties are minorities with independents the majority – diametrically opposed to what I had back in NJ


  4. What galls me more than lying politicians is a mainstream media that does not do its job. I hardly expect anything more from politicians – which is a sad indictment in itself – but I do expect better from journalists. I am forced to cast my news net wide to get at anything resembling the truth and, even then, be conscious of editorial bias. The BBC here has become a byword for bias with news clips edited, as the day goes on, to reflect what they want you to hear. Newspapers owned and managed by those with less interest in providing a balanced viewpoint and more in maintaining their ideology and appealing to the lowest common denominator. I abhor manipulation and fear that people are making their minds up on sound bites rather than facts. Yes, we should all be better informed and it’s in our own best interests to be so but not everyone is ‘into’ going hunting for alternative sources. There was a time, I think, (unless I’m being unutterably naive) that MSM could be depended on to question effectively, to provide factual information, to be balanced. I won’t bore you with the campaign of fear that both politicians and media here appear to embrace but it’s disheartening and so unfair on ‘honest’ politicians and the general public. People are going about their business, trusting others to do their jobs honestly, while too many entrusted to do so let them down with depressing consistency. I despair sometimes at what passes for governance and reportage. I don’t like being made to be so cynical! I used to trust almost everyone. Now I walk about with a sack of salt to throw at all and sundry. Bloody politicians and their entourage. 😦
    Rant over. :/

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