43 comments on “Shatterproof

  1. So many comments – so far to scroll down – by the time I find the ‘Leave a Reply’ box I am out of breath – Loved the lines and what lay therein – Marvellous picture / words combo – and how! G:)


  2. This is gorgeous and powerful, Paul. The comparison between the two scenarios wrought in amazing imagery. The second is my favourite. The idea of someone melting beside the fire of love – knowing love for the first time – becoming vulnerable, is a shattering vision in itself. But how might that life change for the better knowing and receiving love, capable of giving it! I see a puddle by the fire, that hurt to melt so, but can then become part of the flood. Love is a flood, yes?, that can drown and save us simultaneously. I love this. Love your mind! One of your best, I’d say. 🙂

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