25 comments on “Rings

  1. nice and apt poem – thought provoking – its all very well to play war as a game, getting agrresion out of the system – animals too play and wrestle in mock combat – not so much for fun as to prepare for the reality later – are our games then an outlet or a preparation – let us look at our natures – what interests us so much in watching a predator hunt and kill – are we then predator or prey?

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  2. I knew something was wrong when I hadn’t read you in a few days. Reader hasn’t been presenting me with your work. I got fed up a decided to look. Glad I did. This articulates a lot of what has been on my mind about the world lately.
    All the hard won change of decades ago and many went to sleep while we slid in some ways, content with the “progress” more superficial in nature. Good one, Paul.

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