19 comments on “Homo Sapiens

  1. “that leaves open however
    the question of
    whether a man
    who can’t laugh
    or forgive
    is anything more
    than a beast”
    Sometimes I am left with great confusion, when I hear people speak about love–but then can’t forgive—I think they go hand in hand…
    I like your comforting words:
    “simply recognize
    unique capacities
    men have for
    laughter and mercy”
    …this leaves me HOPE…


      • I’m not missing them anymore. I have to have my dose of “The Professor,” it’s how I think of you.
        It’s no consolation, but it’s not just you. I find I have been missing others, and suspect at least one has missed me. A long-time follower just re-followed, and she complained once before that I had fallen off her Reader.


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