63 comments on “Acknowledgment

  1. WoW! That is an amazing feat! Congratulations! And, when you write the way that you do, it is easy to follow you and enjoy what you share. Peace.

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  2. Your words are too lovely to be veiled in the shadows. Thatnk the Lord for the internet and access to your gift.

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  3. Congratulations Paul. I love your writing. The more you write the more I read. You blog gives me the daily dose of words that encourages, make me think, as well as entertains. Keep striving for greatness because you are a great writer.

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  4. A fine thing that your gift for all things poetic is within the auditorium of appreciative readers; the arena of accomplishment be it through the ether, or hard copy actual; in the places that ‘gift’ no doubt calls its homes.

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  5. Such lovely, generosity you exude.

    You are a source of inspiration and a shining light we can only hope to aspire to…this is what I like, you would never be as cliché as that right there. Wisdom and knowledge seeps from your words stung together, it is mesmerising – one of the growing incentives to post on Poets Corner is so that I may garner a sign that I am headed in the right direction… but it has come to mean such a lot and is among the things that make my day on WordPress.

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  6. What can I say? You are both inspired and an incredible inspiration to all of us who wait daily to see the world through your lenses, even if just for a few moments! And you are both affirmed by so so many and an incredible inspiration to even many more. I anticipate your comment with sheer delight and know you have processed what you have read through both your faithful heart and thoughtful mind. Thank you for the gifts!

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  7. Though I am slow to engage in your exceptional words, Paul, my email notifications are beholden a bright red star beside your site name, a rare exception I reserve for the few who truly do inspire my thoughts in their reading and I arrive as soon as humanly possible and with great and eager anticipation (no pressure there!).

    Publishing poetry today has a relatively small audience and perhaps the single greatest benefit we derive from online publishing to sites as this is that we do indeed receive the immediate feedback from those who share a genuine interest in the genre and the gifted poets who so tirelessly engage in creative writing as a lifelong passion.

    I have published my own poetic verse here on WordPress since early 2005 and with four published volumes of my poetry to date, and surely countless more to come, I share the passion and extend sincere appreciation for all you share. You have a strong following, testament to your gift and all that you inspire in we, your ardent readership, who so dearly appreciate the words and the process that means so much in the writing.

    May the muse forever grace your inspired thoughts and the love purely for the sake of writing forever be your guiding light.



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      • Mutual support is so essential for us Paul. Nothing seems more deflating to a writer than the vacuous silence of indifference or the resonating shallows of perceived mediocrity. When we write we have best intentions to do so with eloquence and style that fosters engagement. In cyberspace the ever-impatient internet browser pours through endless streams of content, its author eagerly anticipating enthusiastic and responsive connection with readers. Many of us write for ourselves first and foremost yet we eagerly anticipate response, as a means of validation(?) that what we are creating offers something of significant value. We also have a strong desire for readers to return again and again to enjoy our most recent composition. When I return to favored authors/writers/poets it is not out of any obligatory sense, rather, out of genuine respect for the information, perspective and/or sheer enjoyment for what I read. I often get rather wordy about my comments; just my way of extending genuine appreciation for making my visit special yet again! Clicking ‘Like’ and leaving a cookie cutter comment just doesn’t serve any purpose for me. When I recognize high quality penmanship and an obvious attention to differentiate one’s written content above and beyond, I embrace word craft at its exceptional best. You demonstrate that passion time and again Paul. That doesn’t come neatly packaged at a retail outlet….it comes from the distinction of skill and a passion that originates through deeply inspired heart, mind and soul…a gift we may treasure always.

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