14 comments on “Free Speech

    • one of our footballers, conspicuous by refusing to stand with his teammates for the national anthem, and for wearing socks that depict policemen as pigs – he’s protesting what he perceives to be institutionalize police racism and brutality – needless to say, I don’t share his view

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      • The socks shock me a lot. Not good to tar all with the brush of a tiny, tiny (even more tiny) few…appalling thinking about it. Insofar as an anthem goes I have trouble with ours. As an atheist anti hereditary monarch as head of state I struggle with the first line, ‘God save our gracious Queen’ yet still stand up out of a respect I’ll likely never fully understand!

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  1. Hat’s off. He should be ashamed of himself, he has reaped millions in this country he is to down on to stand up for the national anthem. A better way to show his discontent is to refuse it’s benefits.

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  2. The NFL is full of adolescent men who in their fading glory will do anything to grasp attention which is no longer theirs . . . While he did kneel [an ancient symbol of homage] at their last preseason game I seriously doubt it was out of reverence for the flag . . .

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      • Ahhh-
        I did not catch your reference the first when I saw it before so I just Googled the socks.
        I hear ya but but as an irreverent SOB I, too, might do something like that.
        Different field and different message to me.
        (BTW- My beloved nephew is a PD in the Orlando area so I do not take either side of the misconduct debate.) lightly

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