39 comments on “Listening Eastward

  1. bring me god
    back inside my self
    where knowing us both
    becomes possible
    wonderful prayer…BEING one with the WORD…accepting God’s Love for us…becoming ourselves…your poem made me think of Kahlil Gibran’s line: “When you love you should not say, “God is in my heart,” but rather, I am in the heart of God.”


  2. I can tell something on these things.

    First Word of Image is OM
    brahman -A cast in hindu(who know about Veda Gita etc)
    Gita-is a collection of sloka by GOD Krishna


  3. I fear the gods we can imagine are simply too small . . . But the quest for ‘the one greater than what can be imagined’ remains the poet’s path . . . Blessings & Peace!


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  5. “The noisy destruction of the ignorant thoughts” beautiful!
    Your Eastward approach and affinity towards Eastern philosophies and Hindu teachings of the Upanishads, Vedanta and the Bhagwad Gita is truly admirable. Your thoughts conveyed in this poem are of a learned man who has done his research in the subject or has pure liking for the faith and Hinduism and I being a practicing Hindu must not be knowing as much as you do and I can say it for a fact as I haven’t read any if these scriptures. So thanks for this amazing piece of art and for bringing Eastern faith and wisdom to the West through your wonderful blog…Namaste!!!

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    • I greatly appreciate your thoughtful comments – I am a Roman Catholic, but in pursuing my degree in philosophy and ethics, I studied all major religions – I was especially drawn to Hinduism by the Vedas – while those studies were more than 50 years ago, I have been to India several times

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      • I hope you enjoyed your visits to India! I know we can be a handful for the Western Travelers and foreign tourists and it’s not a part of your daily life to see a cow blocking the streets or having different sensory assaults as you step out the airport. Having said that, we’re not just a developing economy (doing relative better than most in time of a global recession) but also a developing civilization… We may have contributed a lot to the world in terms of our age old wisdom and philosophies, contribution in the fields of medicine, mathematics, astronomy, astrology and varied sciences…but we’re also learning a lot from the rest of the world and I’m sure you must be seeing the change and evolution in every visit you take to the country…we’re changing with times and in a constant process of learning from the world…In today’s day and age were certain theocracies and theological philosophies are threatening the harmony and world peace and drawing lines between people, people like you are a great example for the rest of the world where being a Roman Catholic, you have embraced the teachings of other faiths and imbibed the values in your life thereby showing respect to all… your knowledge and exemplary display of tolerance and open mindedness is laudable and admirable!

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        • rest assured my business interactions with Indian people have been highly positive – I find them friendly, engaging, gregarious, highly motivated and exceedingly competent – the future is yours to fashion as you see fit

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          • I’m glad that you’ve had a positive experiance and I wish you more positivity and success in every aspect of your life! I must say that I’ve enjoyed my interaction with you as well and it has been very informative and enlightening…have a pleasant day and a wonderful weekend


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