16 comments on “Enrichment

  1. light is invisible
    yet makes everything visible
    for eyes to see
    to perceive
    to conceive
    to believe
    we need to open our minds
    and let enlightenment
    of wisdom bring to light
    human’s right
    no one should fight
    live in harmony
    in peace

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  2. Wow, I wanted to say something, it is incredible. Your words say a lot. I echo the comment before beautifully said on all accounts


  3. yes…our world is shrinking and hopefully, our acceptance of one another expanding as we learn so much about one another. If we all worked together–imagine–no more hunger, lessen the suffering, respect Mother Earth…Your poem leaves us with the challenge of appreciating the ONEness of humanity–wonderful poem!


  4. Wow, wow, wow. I wouldn’t have thought “electronic humanity” very warm, vital, caring–but actually it is here, isn’t it.


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