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  2. I shed a tear or more that day…know exactly where I was, serving an awkward bankruptcy order on a miscreant in a Devon delight village…went out and purchased a US flag (easier than I thought might be the case), hung it proudly on my ‘back then’ front lawn, as did oh so many Brits (to me, an unusual act for normally flags don’t impress). When ever I reflect on this vile event, ‘one that Hollywood movies could not ‘better’, as my then 9 year old boy mentioned…he meant it well, by the way) the numbness consumes me still. Today, as with 11th minute of the 11th of the 11th 1918 for entirely different reason, I welcome said, succumb to that numbness. Mournfully I feast on it. I’m with you every step on this, Paul. It was a day when one’s politics mattered not a jot.

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  3. I can never forget those dreadful images I watched it live on TV, though I was thousands of miles away, I was choked with anger, pain, hurt…! Humanity has lost the trust in humanity ! Paul, you are words are powerful! Some wounds never heal they keep burning below the scars!

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  4. So powerfully responsive to the unthinkable which shocked the world. It is incredible that so many years have past already yet the vivid images that remain embedded in our heart, mind and soul of events as they unfolded on that horrific day tear at our sleep and waking hours. As the news broke I remember so clearly grasping the steering wheel of my car tightly, fearfully, angered, eyes welling in mourning for those whose lives were taken and loved ones left to face that unimaginable grief.

    I began to look sideways at those in their own cars and a similar look of shock and fear was evident in their own reception of the news. I had difficulty breathing for a time, my mind racing as I struggled to stay focused on my surroundings and the roadway traffic in front of me. That is the first time I felt that kind of fear and even though New York City is nearly a five day drive from the west coast of Canada it was a suffocating fear and nervous tension as though suddenly I felt threatened, potentially at risk and eerily vulnerable.

    I will never recall the endless stream of replays of what happened that tragic day. The human lives lost was unthinkable, the reasons just far beyond rationalization on any level. As the minutes and hours past with the worst imaginable unfolding, the terror, by design, found its target, left the bloodstains etched upon our souls and an endless flow of tears for precious life taken in such an unimaginable display of conscienceless hatred.

    Your words are eloquent and evocative Paul. I am sad for this world….truly sad.

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