41 comments on “Nip

  1. I miss the drinks– all of them– but not the alcoholic haze and passing out and, how could one leave out, the hangovers. Inspiration has to come cold turkey these days so have a drink on me, dear Paul!


  2. time to start inventory on the liquor cabinet as the winter season approaches. i use this on occasion, but need to pick up some Cointreau for coffee and bourbon based cocktails.


  3. Reblogged this on Icedmocha34 and commented:
    When my uncle Pete died and we went his funeral, we stayed in his bedroom at the house. On the nightstand, he had an empty bottle of Disaronno. An Italian guy thing…?


  4. A fine poem and well written! The tongue of my muse is often loosened as well by a “nip” as you call it (though I prefer the term “wee knock”).

    I often sit alone on my dock at night savoring a top shelf rum neat. The upside is that even if the tongue of the muse is not loosened, you still feel pretty good afterwards, right? 🙂

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